Lower Taxes

Lots has happened since I campaigned in 2020. At that time, we anticipated a major deficit in our State, however, with the infusion of money from the Federal government, we endured through the worst of Covid-19. Thankfully, a tax hike was avoided in the 2021 budget negotiations, however, our overall operating budget is now the largest in our history. What about limited government and what does balancing the budget really mean? This is a serious question that cannot be ignored. I passionately believe our state government needs to address spending. As I look at data, I have found that Minnesota ranks as the 5th highest taxed state in the nation. That's not a category to be proud of. Free enterprise & entrepreneurship is being suppressed as the tax and regulations grow. This is not a recipe for growing our economy.

We are increasingly feeling the effects of inflation with the rising cost of gas, food and fees for everyday essentials. You have a right to work hard, put food on the table and have something left over for the family every month! Now, with the announcement of a 2022 projected state surplus of $9.2 Billion, it is time for income tax reform! This is the largest surplus in our state's history! It is very clear that we are being overtaxed. Besides lowering our tax, giving back the surplus, we need to STOP taxing our seniors' Social Security Income!