Secure Communities

Since 2020, we have been living with sky rocketing crime rates including murder, robbery, carjacking and now, added to the list, "smash & grab looting! Why? With our state leaders' lack of action when our metro was being overrun by "mostly peaceful protesters" a precedent was set. We are seeing blatant disregard for our laws as a result. When offenders are not held accountable, they learn quickly they can do it again! Added to that has been the movement to defund the police or re-imagine policing. Change must happen! The primary role of government is assuring safety to its citizens. I stand in strong support of our law enforcement and have utmost respect for them. They work 24-7 to keep us safe and they are very deserving of our gratitude. With our communities being the outer rung of the Metro, sadly, we are living with increasing fear, wondering "will I be the next victim?" This must stop.

The current politicians have had their turn, NOW it's the people's turn. I am not a politician, rather a concerned citizen who is stepping forward to be your voice at the capitol and to be a part of the needed change this year!