As I contemplate my state senate campaign journey, I want you to know how much I appreciate all who supported me with your votes, volunteer hours and donations. After filing my affidavit of candidacy on June 2nd, I devoted the following 5 months to introducing myself to you, the citizens of Coon Rapids, Champlin and the North end of Brooklyn Park. Each day I was privileged to meet and learn what concerns you and how your lives have been affected because of policies and/or proposals put forward by our political leaders. I will never forget what you shared. I heard concerns relating to personal & private property safety, failure by authorities to maintain law & order in the neighboring metro areas and how that could affect your life, loss of freedom of speech, potential loss of 2nd amendment rights, increasing tax burdens, loss of jobs related to Covid restrictions, possible loss of home, frustration because of uncertainty about education for this school year and balancing schedules while trying to work, possible vaccine mandates, extreme polarization with seemingly no effort made by opposing views to compromise and overall, an uncertainty for the future. All of these concerns still weigh heavily on my mind. We all have an innate, God given desire to be free and I sensed real worry that our freedoms are slipping away. Though the election outcome is not what we worked hard to achieve, please know I am not about to stop caring, which means I have decided to commit to pursuing ways to work for you. I encourage you to remain steadfast in your resolve to remain united in keeping America the “land of the free and the home of the brave”!!

Karen Attia